Nebraska Coyote and Bobcat Hunting with Oldaker Outfitting

Come test your sites on our Nebraska varmint hunting!

Our bobcat, and coyote hunts are automatic thrillers that provide an incredible adrenaline rush. You will have the option of harvesting these predators, by calling with “rabbit in distress calls”, howling, and randomly sitting/driving on our property. “Howling” is better used in the spring, while “rabbit in distress calls” are better used in the middle of winter. With our land being so diverse and well used by our varmints, you will have the opportunity to hunt in many different areas where you will see and hear a lot of action from those locations. Nothing can describe the feeling, when a hungry bobcat/coyote charges towards you looking for a free meal or a fight. We have a good harvest of these predators each and every year, leaving this a great opportunity for our clients to see much action in the field. This type of hunt package can offer you a semi-guided or fully-guided experience. Our guides have competed in many predator-calling contests over the years and are considered experts in predator control.

Semi-guided weapon of your choice Coyote/Bobcat hunt includes: (3) full days of hunting, (4) free nights of lodging, as well as pre-season scouting, confirmed locations of varmint populations, travel corridors, blinds, and tree stand set ups, and feeding areas prior to your arrival. This allows you to begin hunting immediately! Meals can be included with this type of hunt package for an additional price.

    - With this package we show you the boundaries of our land to get you started. We may set up with you on a few stands, but then you’re pretty much on your own.
    - This hunt enables you to call predators in with a challenging experience of doing it your self
    - We throw in Coyote hunting packages for all big game hunts offered, just as long as it is in season.

Fully-Guided weapon of your choice Coyote/Bobcat hunt includes: (4) full days of hunting with (5) free nights of lodging, as well as, meals/snacks, 1 guide on 3 hunter guiding, harvested game care, pre-season scouting, transportation, and already placed blinds and tree stands.

    - With both semi-guided, and fully guided hunt packages there will be a (4) Coyote limit per day, (1) Bobcat limit per hunt package. (1) Bobcat can be added for an additional price. Please negotiate with us first.
    - For Coyote’s we recommend a fast shooting rifle like a 22-250, or 220 swift.
    - For Bobcat we recommend a fast shooting rifle that shoots hollow point ammunition. This allows for less fur damage to the pelt when it goes through a taxidermist, or fur buyer.
    - Fast shooting bows with precision accuracy will increase your chances as well.

Nebrask Varmint Season dates:

  • - Bobcat: Starts December and lasts three months
  • - Coyote: Best in the Fall and Spring months

Permits can be purchased online and printed out on the Nebraska Game and Parks website at www.outdoornebraska.org.

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