Meat Processing and Taxidermy

We have excellent local meat processors in the Crawford, Nebraska and Lusk, Wyoming areas that can help process your harvested game animal. You should have coolers ready for transporting your game meat home. We will help prepare your harvested game by de-boning it from the carcass and storing the meat in your coolers. For elk and bison we have a local meat processor that can take the large sum of meat and process it if you wish. If you choose not to keep the animal that you harvest, there will be a $150.00 fee to dispose of your harvested game animal.

Our Local Taxidermist (Ron Amack) is available in Chadron, Nebraska, which is located a good hour away from the locations you will be hunting on our properties. Ron is very skilled and confident with his taxidermy knowledge. Ron can perform many different types of mounts and has proven himself time after time. Please fill free to contact Ron Amack for more information by cell at (308) 430-4763

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