Oldaker Outfitting LLC Wildlife Management Plan And Resources

Oldaker Outfitting LLC wildlife management plan has many key factors in our success. This entails good food/water sources, good genetics, predator control and harvesting mature animals. Oldaker Outfitting LLC’s program requires each deer, or bull elk harvested to have a minimal of 4 points on one side. Our harvest goal for our whitetail/mule deer is 130 to 140-plus on all of our properties. Bull elk can be harvested at 200-plus, well pronghorns are harvested 10 inches or higher in horn length. Like I said it is our goal for management. If you happen to shoot something smaller, you won’t be punished with an additional charge.

  • - Additionally, to help keep our buck to doe ratio in check we conduct mule/whitetail doe hunting as needed as allowed by regulation.
  • - Our goal will be not to harvest any “Jake Merriam’s” on our property.
  • - Our food sources for our wildlife consist of cultivated fields with alfalfa, millet, wheat, triticale, and oats. The wildlife also feed on our rich shrubs, prairie grasses, and over a dozen feed stations that offer our wildlife corn, and mineral supplements in the off season.
  • - Water sources are posted in various locations on our property that include watering holes, river, creek, springs, ponds, and livestock tanks.
  • - We use game trail cameras to get a better understanding of our wildlife’s behavior.

Please keep in mind all hunt provided by Oldaker Outfitting, LLC are fair chase, free ranging, wild game hunts. Our deer are not fenced in nor shot under bait traps. We have no control over our wildlife, weather, Mother Nature, or acts of god.

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