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Located in the shadow of Coliseum Butte 16 miles north of the tiny (population 300) community of Harrison, NE Oldaker Outfitting LLC offers solitude and quiet for those who'd just like to step back in time and enjoy life much as it was 120 years ago when the Thomas Ranch was established. The barn built in the early 1890's is still hung with the cables that placed hay up into the massive hayloft. Stalls on the floor are waiting to house horses that trail riders may wish to bring to the ranch. Comfortable beds wait in the nearby remodeled ranch house that was built in 1889. The stars shine just as brightly as they did for young Evertt Thomas and his bride who often climbed cistern hill to pick out their favorite constellations. The land, most covered in its rich food sources, native grasses and wild flowers is a perfect place for hikers, photographers, and campers who want to enjoy nature or hunt for fossils and rocks.

However there is another side to the ranch. On an acreage where Everett Thomas and his friends held Sunday rodeos, ATV riders will be allowed to challenge their ability across soap weed roughened prairies, and through pine dotted canyons. Hunters can test their skills against mule and whitetail deer, antelope, bison, Merriam turkeys, varmints, upland birds, and fishing adventures. Elk hunters will be taken to areas in the Hat creek, and Ash creek units where the elk population has exploded in the past few years, and the trophy animals are abundant.

While the last rays of a gorgeous sunset slip beneath the prairie grasses a real home cooked meal will be waiting. In the evenings Ed and Melvin Oldaker, may be willing to share a few stories and some adult refreshments.

The old Thomas Ranch now owned by Everett's neighbors and friends, Ed Robbin Oldaker, will provide a once in a lifetime experience that can be duplicated year after year.


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